About iZoot Designs - Ira Zoot

iZoot.com Designs

I opened my own studio doing commercial photography primarily for products & fashion photography. Photoshop was introduced in 1990 and was among the 1st people in Chicago using Photoshop professionally as well  as being among the first who put their artwork to fabric.

It became an invaluable tool that changed my career forever. My clients included Jim Beam, Leo Burnett, JWT, McDonald's, Disney, Warner Bros to name a few. 

I began to apply my surface design to fabric ... creating neckwear that was sold in JCPenny for a couple of seasons. You can read more about here http://idigits.com/computerartist.html. The creation of surface design & graphic illustrations continues today.

Zoot.com led to iDigits.com - which offered visually exciting Ceramic, Glass tiles and other goods with my artwork on them. iZoot.com is featuring a wide variety of products featuring my artwork ... some of which is based on various strains of Cannabis and some just my very colorful abstract art style.

I'm definitely Interested in finding partners or licensing opportunities for the brand, the products, the artwork and in Cannabis vertical. If interested in speaking about licensing or partnership opportunities, please  email me with your full contact info, who you work for or represent for further discussions.

You can find more examples of artwork can been seen at www.Zoot.com, www.Artistnetwork.com and on the izootcom instagram account. NFT/Platform/Portfolio/resaleable assets can be seen at zootdomains.com. 

I hope you enjoy my artwork and the products that it's been featured on here and keep checking back as more will be added!